Considering Personal Home Care for You or Someone You Love?

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Who Benefits Most from Personal Care Services?

Personal home care and personal care services are utilised primarily by older people who may struggle with illness, disabilities, or needing additional care, but still, wish to remain in their own homes and lead an independent life.

At Mayfair Care Agency we provide personal home care for the elderly (or any vulnerable adult). Our private home care is flexible and does not have to be forever. If someone is recovering from an illness or operation, our care can help them along the way for a temporary period. Regular support is given via daily visits and can provide the support and peace of mind to families that their loved ones are being taken care of- ensuring all physical and emotional needs are met. There is a large range of personal care tasks and light housekeeping that can be done to help ease the pressure on your loved one.

Around 4 million older people (40% of people aged 65 and over) have a limiting long-term illness or disability.

It is estimated that this will rise to over 6 million older people by 2030. ( Therefore, a personal home care agency could be a key factor for those with illnesses maintaining their life while still receiving the best care to suit them.

Dementia Care

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Indications That a Loved One Would Benefit From Personal Care Services

Struggles with personal care

Tasks such as washing and dressing in the morning and evening are becoming more difficult to complete independently.

Forgetfulness and memory loss

This can become a real worry for loved ones as medication can be forgotten to be taken and accidents in the home become a risk with huge consequences – e.g. leaving a tap running or the oven on. If memory loss is becoming more frequent, the individual should speak to a GP for support in identifying conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Struggle to cook and eat independently

If your loved one is losing weight, the fridge is regularly empty, and space is overall untidy - they might be struggling to prepare their own food. This is something that our home help personal care staff can assist with daily.

Confusion and wandering

Confusion in elderly people is very common and can lead to wandering away from the home. This is very stressful and upsetting for all involved, as it can put your loved one in danger if they are unaware of their surroundings and how to get home.

Falls around the home

You may notice an increase in falling around the home, it is a big problem for the elderly, leading to bruises and broken bones in some cases. They may begin to lose confidence walking unaided and upstairs, decreasing overall mobility. This, in turn, may lead to decreased physical health due to a lack of mobility.

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Dementia Care and End of Life Care

Why Personal Home Care for the Elderly Can Be So Beneficial

A Sense of Normality

  • For most people, their home is a place filled with memories and comfort, and that is mainly why people utilise a home care agency for personal care services. This allows the elderly patient to be able to stick to their routine as much as possible: they maintain the flexibility of mealtimes and socialising whenever they want to. Additionally, they can get up and go to their bed as and when they feel is necessary. Residential care can become unsettling as there are several changes the person has to go through. Furthermore, not being used to new surroundings can be detrimental to people who already have pre-existing health conditions, especially those with dementia.

Maintaining Independence

  • Some studies have suggested that elderly people are ‘more scared to lose their independence in old age than the fear of death’. Some elderly relatives have mainly been independent their whole life. Giving this lifestyle up can prove to be a very hard transition when moving into residential care. Receiving home care services via an independent living agency will maintain most of their usual independence and empowerment, which in the long run can improve their everyday wellbeing and general mood.

Personalised Care

  • Using a personal home care service means that an elderly relative gets special focus from a care professional and will always get that one-to-one interaction. Home care services also involve the elderly relative having their own personalised care plan prepared. The bond between the carer and the elderly patient can be hugely beneficial for maintaining good mental health, general wellbeing, and avoiding loneliness. 24% of people aged over 60 stated they felt lonely sometimes or often. (Longitudinal Study of Ageing).


  • Residential care can become expensive, and for many elderly residents, it could potentially mean that they would have to sell their homes. Working with a home care agency such as Mayfair Care Agency is a lot more affordable and flexible. The cost of home care services will be mainly based on how long the carer is needed, whether it is full time or having the carer come in a few times during the week.

Improved wellbeing

  • Previous studies do show that personal care services are beneficial as elderly people tend to thrive more when they live in their own homes. This is especially true for elderly relatives that suffer from dementia. Elderly people being able to maintain their independence and actively socialising has great benefits for wellbeing. Home care services give elderly relatives their independence and the opportunity to be more active, while also having the support of a helping hand whenever they are in need. Being able to give them this freedom will also be beneficial for their mental health and physical fitness.

How Often are Care Visits Provided?

Personal home care visits can be arranged on a schedule as much or as little as the individual needs. Our care staff are very flexible and understand everyone is different. As a result, we can help come up with a tailored plan based on the level of support that is required.

When conducting our initial consultation, we have several questions to help assess the level of support that is needed on a daily and weekly basis. For example, we have clients that only require visits for a couple of hours a week, through to those who need multiple visits from morning through to evening. We cater to all. Helping our clients to live safely and happily is the key factor when we make our care plan.

Why Choose Mayfair Care for Personal Care Services?

Our care assistants are all DBS qualified and understand that everyone has their own unique way of doing things and their own personal standard of housekeeping/living. They have been expertly recruited for their shared passion for supporting others. Whether it be with cleaning, cooking, or other light housekeeping tasks. You or your elderly relative will be in control of the services we provide

  •  We are happy to carry out tasks according to you or your family member's preferences and requirements.
  •  We understand that your loved one may have spent years keeping up with light domestic duties and that trusting someone else with that responsibility may feel a little strange at first.
  •   Mayfair Care Agency’s professional care staff offer support with cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry, shopping, running errands, daily chores, duties and so much more.
  •    Providing support with a variety of light domestic chores and duties, from ad hoc tasks to day-to-day help putting you or your loved one in control.
  • Independent living can help maintain a relative's mental and physical health. Maintaining independence can help with cognitive health as well as physical health.

Whether you’re looking for help with cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, preparing delicious meals, or shopping and running errands. Our range of home help, personal care, and light housekeeping can ease the pressure on yourself or your loved one.

Rest assured, Mayfair Care Agency has everything in place to help assist you or your loved ones through personal home care: maintaining their freedom, health, and happiness.

If you are interested in an individual consultation and tailored care package to be arranged – please contact Mayfair Care Agency today on 01386 41492 or fill in our online contact form to arrange a call

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