Continence and Catheter Care

We provide tailored packages of personal care services, including continence and catheter care.

Bladder and bowel issues

Bladder and bowel issues are incredibly common and can affect approximately 1 in 4 adults at some time during their life. Despite bladder and bowel issues being incredibly common, many people feel embarrassed and distressed when discussing these issues or asking for help.

Seeking help and support for these kinds of issues can greatly improves a person’s quality of life and comfort. Furthermore, understanding the condition and its complexities can help patients and our care staff to accurately manage and support continence issues.

What is continence care?

Continence care refers to care services provided to those with bladder and bowel issues. Following a focused assessment, and limited physical examination, a plan will be created on how best to treat and care for the individual.

For more detailed information regarding bladder and bowel incontinence, a list of learning resources is Included, here.

Continence care services cover a wide range of support services, including:

  • Assessments and ongoing development of treatment plans
  • Management of care plans
  • Support with lifestyle changes, i.e., diet, fitness, etc.
  • Pelvic floor exercise programme
  • Medication advice
  • Bladder/bowel training programmes
  • Advice and support
  • Provide continence products

Our Mayfair Care nurses exercise professionalism, care, and respect at every point of our care services.

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Continence Symptoms

Stress incontinence – urinary leaks when you cough, sneeze, laugh.

Urge incontinence – Toilet urges happen very suddenly and cannot wait

Nocturia – Waking up several times in the night to use the toilet

Functional incontinence – Having a condition or disability that stops you from being able to get to the toilet on time

Bowel incontinence – Difficulty controlling bowel movements


Following a detailed assessment by a nurse or doctor, a diagnosis will be provided. This is essential for correct continence management and ensures our care staff can make a valuable contribution to your care.

An assessment will determine

Severity/impact on the patient

Degree of bother

Attitude to the problem


What is catheter care?

Catheter care helps people who have trouble passing urine. A urinary catheter is a flexible tube that is inserted into the bladder to collect urine in a drainage bag. Catheter care services help to drain the bladder for long and short term periods.

Catheter care refers to the assistance provided to patients that require a catheter. This can be support administering and removing a catheter, receiving treatments through a catheter, catheter changes, etc.

Why is a catheter used?

A catheter is used when someone has difficulty passing urine naturally. This can be due to health issues, bladder weakness, nerve damage, etc. A catheter can also be used to deliver medicine directly to the bladder when other treatments haven’t worked.

Intermittent catheter – Temporarily inserted to the bladder and removed once the bladder is empty

Indwelling catheter – A long term catheter that is held in place by an inflated balloon within the bladder.


Our dedicated team of carers are up to date with all the latest training and guidance in order to perform the highest quality care. Our team exercise discretion, respect, and safety at all times to ensure patient care is of the highest standard.

If you or someone you care for require continence or catheter care and you wish to know more, please contact us for more information regarding our care services.

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