Private Domiciliary Care Services

We provide tailored domiciliary care for a wide variety of needs, ensuring the recipient has all their needs catered for; with the respect they deserve. We cover all of Worcester and the surrounding areas.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care services are a range of care services that we put in place to support an individual in their own home. Typical tasks include cleaning, personal care, and shopping.

Are domiciliary care and home care the same thing?

Home care is an umbrella term given to care services provided at home on a live-in or visiting basis. Domiciliary care consists of a carer assisting with domestic tasks at the home of the individual. These types of care are designed to help with housekeeping and personal support to support an individual to lead a happy and healthy life while remaining mostly independent in their own home.

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What do domiciliary care workers do?

A domiciliary care worker’s role focuses on helping to maintain an individual’s independence within the comfort of their own home. Our carers assist and support with a range of services designed to improve quality of life, independence, and wellbeing.

These services include:

Who needs domiciliary care services?

Domiciliary care services are not exclusive to older adults, other vulnerable people can request care at home to help preserve their independence. Our services are designed to help individuals maintain an independent life in their own homes, while still receiving some support and assistance with tasks and daily living.

Anybody who requires additional support, for all manner of requirements, can receive assistance at home with domiciliary care services.

Our personal care services are tailored to each individual, with support ranging from mobility assistance and medication management to bathing and continence care. With a person-centred approach, we eradicate the difficulty from everyday tasks to help our customers thrive in their routines and ensure their wellbeing is catered for.

Elderly care is a type of care reserved for elderly adults. With at-home care services, we can help elderly people with their daily tasks, their medical problems, and other general tasks they may require assistance with. Elderly care assists older adults and help them to maintain a happy, independent life in the place they feel most comfortable.

Palliative care is for people who have received a terminal diagnosis. This type of care service offers patients assistance and support during the most difficult time. With palliative care at home, we provide our customers with an unmatched level of care and empathy to support them with coming to terms with their diagnosis, as well as services to minimise the discomfort of condition-related issues.

End of life care services are provided following a terminal prognosis. Though end of life care is like palliative care, it usually refers to the care an individual receives in what is expected to be the last 12 months of their life. With the utmost respect and empathy, our carers are on hand to provide guidance and companionship to support you and your family through emotionally distressing times.

Cancer Care

Cancer carers support and assist cancer patients, providing a support network, monitoring their wellbeing, and helping with general treatments and procedures at home. Our cancer carers support individuals through their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery to ensure their wellbeing and quality of life is always at the forefront of every visit.

Alzheimer’s and dementia care assists with physically demanding tasks; with the level of support varying througout ongoing assessment of their condition. With empathy, patience, and understanding, our home care team ensure all needs are met to the highest standard, within the environment which is most familiar and comforting to the customer.

Domestic care refers to care that helps an individual with light housekeeping, such as cleaning and tidying, laundry and ironing, food shopping, and meal preparation. This service is for those who live independently but may struggle to stay on top of their domestic tasks. Domestic care provides individuals with assistance in maintaining an orderly, hygienic, and healthy environment.

Our adult social care services support individuals with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, and mental illnesses. This support gives our customers assistance with practical activities, personal care, and social activities to help them live independently and comfortably, in a routine that encourages an enjoyable lifestyle involving interaction with the community.

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‘Cupcake Day’ in aid of Alzheimer’s Society. (Raised £1004 – Thankyou)

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What are the differences between domiciliary care and residential care?

Domiciliary care is a form of support that only requires a carer to visit as little or often as required. It is designed to allow individuals to remain in the comfort of their own homes, while still receiving some assistance and support as and when they need it. Domiciliary care works to help older adults maintain their independence while receiving some additional support.

Residential care is when someone receiving care will have to move out of their home and receive support while living in a care home.

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