How Private Home Care Services Support Independent Living

What is Private Home Care?

Private home care is described as having a carer help in your own home with aspects of personal, domestic, and social care that have become difficult for people to complete on their own.

This can be personal care tasks such as assistance with washing, dressing, and taking medication as well as domestic help with shopping, food preparation, housework, laundry.

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Who Can Benefit from Private Home Care?

Private home care is utilised by many older people who still wish to remain in their own home and lead an independent life. However, illness, injuries and disabilities can all be a factor that may mean an individual needs to seek private home care.

Private home care can be a temporary solution if someone is recovering from an operation, or a long-term alternative solution in place of needing a live-in care home.

It is the next step for individuals who don’t require full-time care in a live-in care home – but require additional support.

Regular support via daily care visits can provide the support and peace of mind to families that their loved ones are being taken care of – and their physical and emotional needs met.

How Often Can Care Visits Be Provided?

Home care visits can be arranged on a schedule as much as the individual needs. Our care staff are very flexible, and we can help come up with a tailored plan based on the level of support that is required.

On our initial consultation, we have several questions to help assess the level of support that is needed on a daily and weekly basis.  We have clients that only require visits for a couple of hours a week, through to those who need multiple visits from morning through to evening.

Helping our clients to live safely is the key factor when we make our care plan.

Signs that a Loved One Would Benefit from Home Care Visits

We have compiled some potential signs to look out for, that indicate when someone might benefit from regular home care visits.

Struggles with personal care

Tasks such as washing and dressing in the morning and evening are becoming more difficult to complete independently.

Forgetfulness and memory loss

this can become a real worry for loved ones as medication can be forgotten to be taken and accidents in the home become a real risk with huge consequences – e.g., leaving a tap running or the oven on. It goes without saying that if memory loss is becoming more frequent, the individual should speak to a GP for support in identifying conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Struggle to cook and eat independently

If your loved one is losing weight, the fridge is regularly empty, and space is overall untidy - they might be struggling to prepare their own food. This is something that our carers can assist with daily.

Confusion and wandering

Confusion in elderly people is very common and can lead to wandering away from the home. This is very stressful and upsetting for all involved as it can put your loved one in danger if they are unaware of their surroundings and how to get home.

Falls around the home – you may notice an increase in falling around the home, it is a big problem for the elderly leading to bruises and broken bones in some cases. They may begin to lose the confidence walking unaided and upstairs, decreasing overall mobility.

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Private home care

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