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We provide tailored packages of at home personal care services, ensuring all your needs are catered for, with the empathy you deserve. Our carers at Mayfair are compassionate and supportive, providing a helping hand as they create a personalised approach to your care.


Personal Home Care with Mayfair

Whilst promoting independence wherever possible, Mayfair Care Agency ensures dignity is maintained at all times. We understand that receiving personal home care can feel intrusive and uncomfortable, especially if it is the first time receiving this type of care.

Our focus is to ensure that you are comfortable at all times, with a carer who is considerate as well as qualified. We safeguard your safety – as well as our staff’s – as they complete all the necessary tasks while still maintaining your comfort, dignity and privacy.

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What is personal care?

We focus on a person-centred approach; by preserving the independence of every individual, we encourage our customers to thrive in a lifestyle that promotes their well-being, with a routine that provides all the assistance you need.

Private care agencies employ expert care professionals who visit your home and provide personal care services to help make things easier for you in your daily routines.

At Mayfair, we can assist you or your loved one with a wide range of personal care services at home that include:

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Body Wash – Full or partial to your requirements

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Bath / Shower – Including hair wash if required

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Application of creams – After washing or multiple applications per day as prescribed by doctor or district nurse

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Dressing / Undressing

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Personal Grooming

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Oral hygiene care – Including dentures

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Continence Care – Including Catheter care, Stoma care and Incontinence pad changing

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Mobility Assistance – with or without mobility aids

What is a Private Personal Care Agency?

Private care agencies employ expert care professionals who visit your home and provide personal care services to help make things easier for you in your daily routines.

You can receive support for a wide range of tasks including:

  • Mealtimes/meal prep
  • Bathing and personal hygiene
  • Medication assistance
  • Dressing/undressing
  • Daily tasks and getting out and about
  • Light domestic help
  • Shopping
  • Mobility

The Benefits of at Home Personal Care

Having additional support through personal home care, whether it’s help with dressing, bathing or assistance with meals and medication; can all make a huge difference to your quality of life. We understand that personal care at home can be a sensitive discussion too.

That’s why our professional and confidential carers take every necessary precaution to remain respectful and discreet and take the time to build a personal rapport with every client. At Mayfair, we ensure a truly personal and beneficial experience with our personal care services.

How to arrange personal care with us

At Mayfair Care Agency, we specialise in personal home care that encompasses professionalism, compassion, and assistance, tailored to your individual needs. We work across Worcestershire and the surrounding areas, with a team of skilled and compassionate carers who go above and beyond with their work.

For an individual consultation regarding our personal care services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01386 41492 or complete our contact form at a time that suits you.


Personal care for someone living with Alzheimers and Dementia

It's integral that the right support and personal home care is available for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. At Mayfair, we offer familiarity and compassion to those who are living with dementia.

Through our reliable dementia care service, we support people with dementia to continue living at home safely. We also support their families through what is often a tough time. Our staff are fully trained to deal with the challenging behaviours that may come with dementia progression, as our team maintains the delivery of empathy and professionalism with everything.


How do we provide at home personal care?

Personal home care means something different to everyone. Whether it’s some additional help with personal hygiene, help to stay active, or just some support with day-to-day tasks and activities, Mayfair is here to help. We feel personal care is essential to your well-being and therefore, want to help in any small way we can.

Our care and support do not come under one set package. We carefully assess and discuss with our clients what needs they have and exactly how we can help to create a personalised service. We take into consideration all health issues and conditions to create a tailored package that’s catered to your needs, all with a compassionate and accommodating approach to suit you.

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Personal Care FAQs

Personal care services are described as aiding and supporting someone in personal living daily requirements such as dressing, washing, and going to the toilet. Personal home care services are commonly used by the elderly and disabled, who need additional help completing tasks safely. This can be as involved as required by the individual to ensure they are comfortable and well looked after while maintaining a healthy level of independence.

At Mayfair Care Agency, it’s important to us to consider each one of our clients on an individual basis. No two people require the same care package, so we will create a tailored plan with all relevant parties to provide the care that is important. This will be regularly reviewed as things change based on carers' reports and the medical needs of the individual. 

The main aim of Mayfair’s personal care service is to help users feel safe and looked after in their own homes. Personal home care can be a welcome addition to a loved one’s life, easing worry as tasks become more difficult, but maintaining a semi-independent life. It is very important to most of us especially going into old age to have a voice and say in what happens to them. Not only this, but it also helps prevent family and friends from excessive worrying about loved ones, as the care assistants will lighten the load of daily care to ensure their needs always come first.

In terms of visiting frequency, we can help as little or as often as required for your loved ones to lead the life they wish to. If users struggle with mobility, it may be that a visit at the start and end of each day to help with dressing and showering works best.

However, if forgetfulness and safety are becoming an issue, more regular visits may work better to ensure food and medication are taken care of.

To arrange a personal care consultation, please fill in our online contact form, email or call 01386 41492.

Would you like further information about our personal care services?

If you would like more details about our personal care services, please do not hesitate to call us on 01386 41492 or filling out the form.

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