Private Home Care Services in Evesham

Grow Old at Home, Not in One

As we age, we all start to consider how we want to spend our senior years. The elderly population in the UK has lately expressed a growing preference for living in their homes as they get older rather than going to a nursing home.

Here at Mayfair Care Agency, we are extremely conscious of the advantages of having your final years in your current home. Our team of dependable, skilled, and amiable carers has been offering private homecare services in Evesham for 20 years. We are happy to provide County Councils and Primary Care Trusts in the Evesham area with our homecare services.

Our tight-knit team is dedicated to carrying out its duties to the highest level. Our team is regularly and expertly trained to ensure they can satisfy the needs of all of our service users. To make sure we will meet each service user’s specific needs and requirements, we always have lengthy conversations with them, as well as with their friends and family. All of our carers also have enhanced DBS checks.

Bespoke Home Care Providers in Evesham

Every service we provide at Mayfair is approached with the utmost care and is tailored for each client with our carers treating our service users as though they’re part of a family. The private homecare services that we provide in Evesham and the nearby areas are designed for people who once lived independently but now require more help to remain in their current residence. They include:

·         Personal Care

·         Medication Assistance

·         Meal Preparation

·         Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

·         Palliative Care

·         End of Life Care

·         Social Care

·         Domestic Help

To ensure that we meet everyone’s needs, every member of our devoted homecare team is fully trained and gets ongoing, specialised training.

Urgent Private HomeCare Services in Evesham

Are you or a loved one in Evesham in urgent need of private homecare? Mayfair provides dependable and committed private homecare services in Evesham and the surrounding areas including:

·         Broadway

·         Droitwich

·         Pershore

·         Worcester

Offering the finest in-home care services is a top priority for our highly trained carers. We can provide support in all areas of personal, domestic, and adult social care while taking into consideration the preferences and needs of each service user.

Every time one of our carers visits, we ensure that our service users get the best support and assistance possible. Our carers are completely qualified and committed to giving individualised care that is tailored to each person.

The first step is a meeting where you, or a family member, can discuss what type of care your need. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances and requirements in Evesham.

Providing competent, amiable, and fully trained personnel to offer expert homecare support in Evesham that satisfies your unique needs.

By focusing constantly on you and your schedule, we hope to provide care and assistance that is specific to your requirements.

Dependable HomeCare Services in Evesham

Consistency of care is important to Mayfair Care Agency. To encourage a feeling of familiarity and connection with our carers, we do this whenever we can. Regular visits from the same faces help the individual receiving care and the carer develop a new friendship and trust that they are providing the best care available.

Every time we provide care services, we keep the individual in mind. Encouragement of independence is crucial, as is giving each person – to the best of their abilities – a voice and a proactive part in their care. Members of our private homecare team support and actively motivate their patients - while giving their all to every task.

Book a consultation with us today to discuss the different private homecare packages available in Evesham and the surrounding area.

Examples of Just Some of our Care Giving Tasks

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Body Wash – Full or partial to your requirements

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Bath / Shower – Including hair wash if required

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Application of creams – After washing or multiple applications per day as prescribed by doctor or district nurse

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Dressing / Undressing

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Personal Grooming

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Oral hygiene care – Including dentures

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Continence Care – Including Catheter care, Stoma care and Incontinence pad changing

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Mobility Assistance – with or without mobility aids

Personal HomeCare in Evesham

We understand that welcoming a new person into your home and routine is not always easy, and we also understand that when personal homecare starts, it may initially seem strange and unsettling. As a result, we always inform our clients that there is no hurry and that we will always move along at your chosen pace. The safety, dignity, and privacy of the service user are our top priorities at Mayfair. Additionally, we always share our visits with the service user’s family and friends in an open manner.

Medication Assistance in Evesham

The requirement that prescribed medications be taken on time and in the correct dosage is one of the biggest concerns that elderly people have about managing their health care. Your Mayfair carer can assist you in managing your repeat prescriptions and medication - so that you won’t have to stress about remembering what to take, when to take it, and how much of it. With your consent, we can also speak to your doctor or pharmacist to clear up any misunderstandings.

Shopping and Meal Preparation in Evesham

With the help of our carers, weekly food planning and shopping can be organised efficiently. To make the process simpler, we can provide service users with as much help as they deem essential, including planning, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. Maintaining excellent health requires eating a balanced diet and having regular, wholesome meals. Many senior citizens profit from the support and care of a dedicated carer, especially if mobility and memory issues are present.

Elderly Housekeeping and Cleaning Services in Evesham

For those who are elderly, cleaning the house and completing domestic chores can be difficult. Mayfair takes pleasure in offering housekeeping and cleaning services, including vacuuming, light washing up, dusting, and more, to keep the service user’s home neat and tidy. A tidy, clean, and secure home is essential to ensuring the well-being of service users.

Personal Home Care Services

All of our care staff are fully trained in order to support you with any and all aspects of your personal care needs. They will help bathe you, get you dressed, and support with continence care.


Medication Assistance

From ordering your medication to reminding you to take, or if necessary, assisting you to take your medication, our staff are qualified to support you.


Dietary Care

Our care staff will ensure that your loved ones receive healthy cooked meals throughout the day. Ensuring that they have a healthy and fulfilling diet.


End of life care

People have the right to choose where they wish to spend the last days of their lives. Mayfair Care Agency provides essential domiciliary care and support to enable you and your family to make this choice.


Social Care Agency

Providing you with support to visit friends, maintain your hobbies, and if you wish to develop new ones. Our services are based on what you would like to make sure that you don’t feel isolated or lose your way in life.


Domestic Help

Our care staff will assist you to maintain your independence and remain in your home. The support is based on your individual needs ranging from preparing your meals, help to keep your home clean, ironing or shopping.


Dementia Care

We know how important it is to provide person centred care and support to all of our customers,
particularly those suffering from cognitive impairments such as Dementia / Alzheimer’s disease. 


Dementia Care

We know how important it is to provide person centred care and support to all of our customers, particularly those suffering from cognitive impairments such as Dementia / Alzheimer’s disease. 


Home Care Services in Evesham

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What our customers say


"After a challenging start to sourcing an appropriate care team for my parents, we were introduced to Mayfair and never looked back! The Mayfair team ensured consistency of carers as well as consistently high standards of care. My parents had very different needs and E….. and J…. became a lifeline for my parents in so many ways. Their thoughtfulness, patience and compassion went beyond a service and my parents viewed them as friends who enabled them to remain in their own home. I can not recommend Carol and her team enough and thank you will never seem enough."

S White

"The care provided was excellent and I cannot commend your ladies too highly. They were all efficient and very kind and their help took away a great deal of strain associated with needed a higher standard of care. Should I need your services in the future I shall most definitely call you"

J Sanderson

"I really cannot thank you and your carers enough; in over a year you haven’t missed one visit and my mum loved you ladies."

L Wilde

"I would just like to tell you how wonderful all the people that cared for my father were. It was not easy at first for him to accept that he needed help to stay in his own home but the friendliness and consideration shown to him made such a difference. When I was with him it amazed me how professional, efficient and effective everyone was, my father never felt he was being rushed or that any care was missing and he looked forward to their visits. Please pass on my sincere thanks for all the care and many kindnesses that were given, I can only hope I can receive such exemplary care when I need it. I really can’t thank your staff enough."

T Baker

"Just a short letter  to say how well I was looked after by your lovely ladies, over what was quite a long period. They were always so cheerful and friendly, even so early on mostly cold mornings and i really do miss seeing them"

A Oadley


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