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If you’re looking for additional support in the home, Mayfair is a leading private social care provider that offers supportive and compassionate services. Whether it’s assistance with daily tasks or something more specific, our carers are on hand to ease the stress and help you live more comfortably.

Social Care & Support Services for Adult and Elderly

Social care for the elderly has a direct impact on health and can include an array of additional support and professional help, all designed to give people greater choice, independence and wellbeing.

At Mayfair Care Agency, your wellbeing is an important component of the social care services we provide. Certain tasks may become harder to complete on a daily basis but Mayfair is on hand to help offer the necessary support you need, mentally, physically and emotionally. As a private social care provider, we provide all our support in your own home to make things more manageable for you.

When enquiring about social care for the elderly, it’s important for us at Mayfair to keep your social activities and networks flourishing where possible. Major life events such as bereavement, ill health, lack of mobility and confidence, and even retirement can all contribute to reduced social networks, making it more difficult to stay active socially.

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Why are social activities so important?

Loneliness and social isolation can increase health risks in older people and has been associated with health issues such as depression, sleep problems, hypertension, stress and other more serious issues.

Having access to regular social activities and engaging with others can lead to positive relationships and contribute to better wellbeing, improving cognitive function and overall mental health. This is where Mayfair Care Agency can help.

The benefits of taking up a social activity

Social activities can help you or your loved one in so many ways, from helping to maintain social connections and reducing feelings of loneliness to introducing new hobbies or skills – or revisiting old ones. Socialising has also been shown to help us stay mentally sharp in old age.

Although everyone has unique needs and physical abilities may differ greatly, we find that everyone benefits from occasional and often regular socialising. A social event can be something to look forward to, enjoy, then look back and reflect on.

Support from a Private Social Care Provider

When you have an activity that suits you or your loved one's needs, Mayfair may be able to help. We completely understand how daunting joining a new activity or club can be – especially if you or your loved one hasn’t socialised for a while. Physical disabilities, illnesses or mobility issues might even make socialising seem almost impossible.

Our compassionate carers are here to help you, your friend or relative take the small steps to start rebuilding a social life, working around your personal care needs. At Mayfair, we’ll help your loved ones to focus on activities they enjoy, going through what might suit their personality best, considering physical abilities and needs in the process.

Perhaps you or your loved one would like to try something new but have no idea how to get started. Whatever you’re interested in, you can chat with us directly to discuss what might be suitable or to find out more about the options available in your local area.

Social Interaction Can Make All The Difference

It is totally understandable if you or your loved one feels nervous about socialising. Our care assistants can go with you or your family member to help you get started at a new club or just have a friendly face to go inside with. We will provide the boost of confidence you/they need to get started with something new.

If you or your loved one has problems with mobility, we will try to find a solution. We will help organise transportation and can even go with you/them to carry mobility aids or provide an arm to lean on, should you or your loved one need it. If going out is too tricky we can help to organise for friends or relatives to visit and we can also help enhance your/their social life (or assist with keeping up with people who can’t easily visit) through online messaging applications. Bringing a little of the outside world into your/their life can make a big difference.

Social interaction can make all the difference, and when someone has reduced mobility or other disabilities it becomes even more important.

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