The Role of Personal Care Workers and Responsibilities

The job role of a personal care assistant, or personal care worker, is vital in helping to support an individual’s needs when they can’t perform certain daily tasks. Personal care can help to promote many beneficial things for an individual, including dignity, independence and overall well-being. Aside from the day-to-day personal care assistant duties and responsibilities that we will discuss, the main duty of a personal care assistant is to build a strong connection with an individual and truly care for their well-being.

Personal carer jobs are in growing demand in various sectors and if you are interested in becoming a vital part of someone’s life, then this blog is here to help you understand what one is and the responsibilities one must take on.

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Understanding the role of personal care workers

The role of a personal care worker is to carry out everyday tasks for an individual who needs assistance. Their responsibilities will depend on each individual’s needs and vary in scope. Some people may need more assistance and care than others and will depend entirely on their circumstances. For instance, some people may require to be clothed and fed, while others may only need assistance with mobility for days out or running errands. However, apart from performing these types of duties, a crucial responsibility of a personal care assistant is to offer support to encourage good  mental health and well-being. This can be achieved through conversations, regular visits and opportunities to create a genuine connection with the person being cared for. Some people who need care and assistance truly value creating a friendship and respect for their carer.

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Responsibilities of personal care workers

Aren’t personal carer assistant jobs just like nurses, healthcare assistants and other healthcare professionals? Well, not quite. Several key differences set a personal care worker out from the rest.

  • Certification and licensing: Depending on the care agency, personal care workers may not need to obtain certification or licensing compared to other professions, such as nurses, physicians, doctors and therapists.
  • Training: Personal care workers typically undergo basic on-the-job training programs, covering the necessary roles they will be performing in their job.
  • Medical care: As part of a personal care assistant’s duties and responsibilities, they typically won’t provide wound care or require medical expertise. However, some care assistant agencies do excel in medication assistance, where the carers will make sure the individual is following their medication care plan.

A care assistant’s main responsibilities can be broken down into distinct categories, where no one category is more important than the other. All categories will work in conjunction together and ensure the best possible care for an individual.

Some common tasks will include assistance with personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, bathing, toiletry requirements and mobility. These tasks fall under the personal care category and ensure the safety and comfort of the individuals being taken care of. Some people who need care may find these tasks invasive and debilitating – this is where a personal care assistant will come in to reassure and provide emotional support for the individual, helping them overcome any negative thoughts they have.

Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment

For any home, it is crucial to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Unfortunately, those that need care will often struggle to achieve this when living at home. The role of a personal care assistant is to maintain the home and environment of the person they are caring for. Their duties may involve cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, as well as other domestic activities. These notable tasks can have an extremely positive impact on people as a more comfortable home and environment have been shown to improve mental health, in addition to providing a calm, relaxing space.

As well as cleaning, providing home safety is just as important and will make those being cared for feel so much safer, especially if they are unable to check for dangers or defend themselves. Not only this, but many people who require care are vulnerable to falls and injuring themselves, so having a care assistant there minimises the risk of falls and extensive injury.  Indeed, those that need caring for on more extensive levels will require the carers to see them in vulnerable situations. Personal care workers need to be able to feel comfortable and act professionally in these instances, which will help the individual feel comfortable and safe.

Collaboration and communication

Care agencies always promote collaboration and communication among their staff members and will ensure the best practices are always followed. Reviews of the care that is provided are usually a frequent occurrence so that any instances to improve can be implemented. Personal carers must follow the dedicated care plan of an individual. These are usually created before care takes place and are tailored to each person. Close family members, as well as the individual, will have gone through a detailed care plan with the care agency, who will then help to train personal care assistants to follow the plan to the letter.

Professional and ethical care assistants at Mayfair Care Agency

Professionalism is a key characteristic for a care assistant to have. Our care assistants at Mayfair Care Agency strive to perform their duties and responsibilities with the utmost care and can provide those who are vulnerable with person-centred solutions.

Personal carer jobs can be a rewarding experience as you can help those who need assistance most. The duties and responsibilities centralise around a person’s routine and making sure they’re living the best life possible under their unique circumstances. Communication between the team of assistants, the person being cared for and the family members involved in the process is vital to ensure that the service is tailored to the individual, otherwise, it will be wasted and go against the very idea of what makes the care personal.

Mayfair Care Agency offers person-centred care for the Worcester area and has 20 years of experience in specialising in personal care, elderly care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, in addition to a selection of other types. For more information on our services, get in touch with our team. If you’re searching for a career in personal care, please consider joining our amazing team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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